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:bulletblue: Be sure to check out my progress Facebook page:… :D
:iconbunnywhiteplz5::iconbunnywhiteplz4: :batman: Welcome and Enjoy :D Thank you for stopping by! :D :iconbunnydividerplz1::iconbunnydividerplz3:
:worship: I appreciate all the lovely comments, fav's and watches! :heart: I'm only a bit slow in answering the messages :typerhappy: :onfire:

Residences: Some castle close to other castles with the Blowing Dragon! A place full of air and trees, Rainbow Rock! Sitting Pie ~
:tmnt2: Favourite genre of music: Every beat has a nice ring to it. Magic, Movies, Games.
Favourite photographer: The one with interests in magical colours, beautiful meaning and or for the happening :)
:tmnt3: Favourite style of art: To express your Feelings.. or just do something you like and something absolutely lovely.
Wallpaper of choice: Most of the time it's Lara Croft :D sometimes anime or something like that.
:tmnt4: Favourite (cartoon) character: Batman! Donald Duck, Sonic, Dark Wing Duck, Totally Spies, Throttle, Lara Croft ^^ Xena, Ninja Turtles!
:tmnt1: Personal Quote: Live your life :)

:icongroupthing1plz::icongroupthing1-2plz::icongroupthing1-3::iconbunnydividerplz1::iconbunnydividerplz3: 2014 Summary and 2015 Planning :iconbunnywhiteplz5::iconbunnywhiteplz4::icongroupthing2plz::icongroupthing2-2plz::icongroupthing2-3plz:

[Cosplay] Todo Tools :star::star-half: :pc:

While still trying to find the best tool for me to Plan and Log my Cosplay progress, I encountered some neat tools, which I might use more often in the future :)   I, myself, am a vivid computer user with a android phone ;)
  • Tiddlywiki
    • A private Wiki page, so you can create 1 page about a outfit, link your props and parts and keep everything neat and findable. Your very own structure! With tags and pictures :D I guess it's a great ay to archive references with lots of notes.
  • Ticktick
    • Just a neat Todolist app I use, after I found out that this one includes more features than GTasks, which I was using everyday before. This app will remind you of everything, if you want ;P
  • Cosplanner
    • Cool android app, but not enough fitting for me, to restrictive/not enough features for me. I've seen some cosplayers happy about it ;)

DeviantArt Progress  :devart:

As you may have seen, I have uploaded some new photos :) and damnit! This moment, I see that I haven't uploaded the TR Reborn (2013 &^2014!) pictures, I've been too busy on Facebook :P *uploads them now!* But there are still missing, so next time when I'm cleaning up, you will notice :)

The Past Year :star::star::star: :w00t:

Calendar 2014 ~ish
I was busy, especially for the month June, to finish my Shaman outfit for Dokomi. A real deadline! And I've felt it! And made it, with a few imperfections/improvements left to do..

February                     March               
     June                            August              September              October
Han Solo @ Star Wars Celebration 2013 by Madenice Batman's! 60's Style! by Madenice
Lara Reborn at Dokomi 2 by Madenice  TR III South Pacific - Gamescom 2014 #2 by Madenice TR III South Pacific - EFF 2014 #8 by Madenice Populous: The Blue Shaman at Stargate 1 by Madenice
Upgrades on Batman, Reborn mud awesomenesss, TR III South Pacific with Rocket Launcher :love: RPG: Rocket Propelled Grenade and going all classic with a old god game character The Blue Shaman from Populous! (I even participated in a Compo and performed my performance on 2 cons :O) ;P I believe I'm missing events/outfits, but mostly are 'reruns' on smaller events :)

Loosing weight :la:

So in December 2013 I decided I wanted to loose weight. Actually, I thought I wouldn't be able to, so I promised myself just to get more healthy, do more sports and stuff like that. In that time, I received a message of a friend who just lost a couple of kilos (5-10) and I was amazed/surprised, because I remembered him as a daily snack-eater (chips and such), so I asked him how he did this! He told me that he changed his way of eating and started going to the gym regularly, and said that the effect was mostly because of the eating habits. So I thought, I can also try this!

So from January on this really started and was happening. I started by stop eating snacks like chips and chocolate, passing other sugary snacks, measured my body and started to check my weight frequently. (I learned from my mother, checking your weight everyday may not be that most motivated thing to do, so I tried to do this once a week/once a month. (Ended up with the level of curiosity though.))

In April, I was amazed to see that I already lost 5 kilograms. I saw that I could do this, I could loose 10kg by the end of the year! Maybe even more, but as I try to be wise, my BMI stated that I only could lose 14kgs, before being underfed/too skinny. For me, 10kg would already be a lot for me, as that would bring me to my weight from  5-8 years ago!

In the beginning I was committed and exercised at home, bought a hometrainer, a blender; been active 2-3 times a week, doing half a hour till 1 hour some dancing on the Xbox or cycling on the hometrainer. Tried making tasty smoothies and such. However, sometimes it was hard to keep it up, especially when I moved from houses at the end of Spring. It also got more and more important to be early at work, and getting in an accident also doesn't help ^^; . Just before this, I was motivated to get a flat tummy by doing crunches with my Russian Trainer Ivan app, it was fun until the point of 40minutes doing only crunches.. ;P As you can imagine, with all this together, I got more lazy/inactive. (Also, the weather got nice and I just wanted to relax.. ;P)

But I kept on going with the eating habits, and for Gamescom and EFF, I took up the crunches back up; you can see the differences ^^; :) And btw, and moment of writing the number is at 9-10kgs! :D <3

Eating habits
Eat every 2-3 hours, 3 meals & 3 snacks [breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, diner, snack]. Keep that metabolism going! Since I have a really slow one, I also started to eat 2-4 prunes everyday. I still have to test which count is the best for me.
As you already know, sugar can be bad for you. But even worse is the glucose-sirop, which the factories use to replace sugar. And apparently honey and apple-sirop aren't that bad. Where honey takes 1-2 days to get burnt, sugar can take up a week, whereas you don't want to know how long you have to do that treadmill to get rid of the glucose-sirop!! Next to this, these long-burn sugar stuff, don't give you the stomach filling feeling, which leads to eating more. And don't forget that sugar can be addictive, if you had 1 bite of candy, you don't want to stop. During the past year I've learnt several recipes that help for a nice healthy snack, it only takes sometimes a bit more time/planning than taking the average cornflakes. But seeing your body slimming down at places you didn't imagine, is worth it! And oh, I'm living with my boyfriend, who doesn't care about is body (he's the forever slim guy), I end up eating every week pizza's and French fries.. But it didn't stop me from loosing weight, but may have slowed it down. :')


2-3 times a week half-hour / hour of cardio and daily muscle training. From (Hometrainer while watching series) cycling, Xbox dancing, myCoach, to Jillian Michaels dvds! But keeping up the rhythm can be difficult, (and I wondered why I haven't tried some sports yet) so I promised myself to take some lessons and choose one!
In August I joined several practice lessons from gymnastics to kick-boxing, and I will start with such sport in January, getting a bit more like Lara! :D

The next year of 2015 :dummy: :fart:

So I've already bought a lot of material the past year, which I haven't fully used yet; I hope the next year will bring me the opportunities for this :)
Looking back at my progress, I see I don't have the speed of some other cosplayers yet. I'm curious if I can accelerate some more :) But with a armor outfit in the planning, I guess I cannot set the stakes too high.

Planning 2015
:bulletred: Ivana UT '99 Yushh, Armor!! Progress here!
:bulletpurple: Arrow's Felicity Smoak Progress!
:bulletyellow: Marty McFly (it's 2015 after all!!)
:bulletblack: TR Classic or Legend outfit (to be decided)

:bulletgreen: Han Solo :batman: Batman :bulletpink: TR Reborn
:bulletblue: TR Classic Outdoor shots :shoot:

Let me know if you have questions or comments! :)

:icongroupthing2plz::icongroupthing2-2plz::icongroupthing2-3plz: jsenn the beloved Kind regards, Madenice Pencil  Facebook  Madenice Cosplay  :icongroupthing1plz::icongroupthing1-2plz::icongroupthing1-3:
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Dishwasher T_T
  • Reading: emoticons text
  • Watching: the screen, maybe Firefly after this?
  • Playing: I wish I was playing! Promised myself Lara Croft!
  • Eating: Just had some peanutbutter on toast :P
  • Drinking: Water!

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